Kartick Hari explaining Owl's Eye view of UX Strategy

As a business owner, how do you devise the right UX strategy and steer it for ROI? A wise owl’s perspective can guide you through!

The crux of owl’s eye theory is to simplify your UX design principles across digital product ecosystem. A product ecosystem is a seamless amalgamation of customer experience (CX) and business operations experience (BOX). Let’s consider an e-commerce platform for better understanding!

In the e-commerce industry, customers play the lead role. Their experience on the platform can make or break the business. Be it a service oriented app, content experience app or a daily usage app, a good CX strategy is a must for success. As a business platform with endless products from various vendors, you must provide a wholesome experience for these vendors to operate on your platform.BOX includes back office operations tool, sales and support analytics and HR communication tools that provide the necessary support for hassle-free business operations. Business operations experience office (BOXO) provides necessary support for business operations with sales & marketing analytics tools, facility management tools, vendor portal system, logistics management and delivery services.

Combining customer experience and business operations experience gives a clear picture of your business analytics and intelligence. Business analytics contains analytics dashboard, sales & marketing strategies, brand strategy & communication, product & service, customer relationship & experience, together forming a wholesome business experience (BX).

Why the name OWL’S eye theory for UX strategy?

Often associated with wisdom, owls are known to see things with a bigger perspective. We relate it to our UX strategies as it gives a complete idea of how your business functions and helps you be in sync with your long term goals.

What are 5 X’s of the owl’s eye UX strategy theory?

Let’s dive a little deeper and understand how owl’s eye vision of UX strategy works for your product design. We classify it into five X’s. CX, CXO, BOX, BOXO, and BX.

CX is the pulse of every business revolving around attractiveness and dependability of your designs. Brand identity, product design and service design altogether provides good CX. Customer experience operations (CXO) manages CX with the help of a dedicated marketing team that ideates customer engagement activities and customer behavior management through market research analytics.

BOX is a UX strategy to help you provide the best experience for vendors to operate their business your platform. It is of utmost importance to design a platform/product that works efficiently for these vendors as it is an aspect that affects your customer experience.

BOXO helps you achieve this efficiency by managing your wings of operation and handle the supply and demand of your business.

All these individual strategies collectively aid BX reflecting on how your business functions on a decision-making level, providing sensible data that supports decision transparency.

Primary aspects that boost customer experience is people and product. Hence every time you have an idea for a product, strategize your design with a vision of what you want to achieve with it and success is assured.

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